søndag 4. desember 2011


 Aeon 135x180 cm

Song of Protest 140x120 cm

Finisterre 145x125 cm

Autumn Leaves 165x140 cm

Lights Out 75x93 cm (to be mounted in the ceiling. Lift laptop/Ipad/monitor over your head to get a more accurate impression)

The Beating Hearts 110x190 cm

The Hearing Forest and the Seeing Field 90x180 cm

Wall of Sleep 135x170 cm

onsdag 3. februar 2010

Paintings (2008-2009)

Threnody 140x150 cm
Family Tree 180x120 cm
Godspeed 170x80 cm
Wonder Dog 160x150 cm
Her Beasts 71x66 cm

Jar Of Flies 71x66 cm

Half Asleep, Half Awake 180x125

Good Night To All (2009)

Golden Dawn 37x55 cm.

Morning Dew 40x55 cm.
Ghost at Noon  37x55 cm.

Evening Star 45x55 cm.

Though the Days are Long, Twilight Sings A Song 49x55 cm.

 Good Night To All 37x55 cm.

torsdag 20. august 2009

Works 2008 -2009, more coming soon

Land of Gloom (155x160 cm, oil on canvas)

Outlying Realms (174x75 cm, oil on canvas)

The Bet (91x71 cm, oil on canvas)

Autoportrait (36x58 cm, oil on plate)

torsdag 25. oktober 2007


Return to Slumberland (37x53 cm, oil on plate)

Gold (37x48 cm, oil on plate)

Silver (37x53 cm, oil om plate)

Paintings (2007)

The Outskirts of Celestial (115x150 cm, oil on canvas)

Ghost Train (130x110 cm, oil on canvas)

Spectators (170x96 cm, oil on canvas)

Autumn for Europe (2007)



Discotheque of Darkness


The Great Secret


The Autumn Spring

(80x42cm x 7, Oil on plate)

torsdag 5. juli 2007

Paintings (2006-2007)

Up, Up (160x190cm, oil on canvas)

Hunters and Collectors (170x135cm. oil on canvas)

Dancing Days/Pink Mountain (150x120cm, oil on canvas)

The Greatest End of the World..Ever (2006-2007) + Amusement Park (2006)

1. The Greatest End of the World... Ever

2. Ferris Wheel

3. U.F.O

4. Double Hearted

5. Watchtower

6. Ferris Wheel II

7. Shelter

All the paintings are oil on plate, 45x45cm.

Amusement Park

Amusement Park I & II are both oil on plate, 31x31cm.